PowerTune Scotland Technical Centre

remap, edinburgh, glasgow, scotlandPowerTune Scotland acessible from both Glasgow and Edinburgh are specialists in the performance remapping of engine management systems, improving the efficiency of the engine and giving your vehicle increased power output, torque and fuel economy. From cars tuned for road or track applications to vans, trucks and almost anything else with an engine, we can provide a solution to meet your needs. By careful recalibration of the engine management system we can improve driveability with no detriment to reliability. 

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PowerTune Scotland is committed to providing products and services of the highest possible standard using the most up to date technology and systems. We know our attention to detail, customer service and technical experience sets us apart from many others in the motor industry today.

No other tuning company offers the driver so much choice in the type of files that can be used. Why have an off-the-shelf tune when you can have a bespoke product entirely suited to your needs? PowerTune Scotland's customer service helps you choose your requirements, be it power, performance, economy, motorsport, or a blend of both power and economy, you can trust PowerTune Scotland to transform your vehicle.

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The way PowerTune Scotland files reprogramme a vehicle is undetectable. All codes and diagnostics that a dealer may read will remain exactly the same. We say it with confidence because of the rigorous testing regime all files go through, we even give a 24 month software warranty to you and a seven-day no-quibble refund if you're not completely satisfied for any reason.

But be warned - not all tuning companies can say this.