Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning is essential for those drivers who feel there vehicle is a not living up to its potential. By increasing the power of your vehicle you are providing yourself with a car that is...

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Economy Tuning

PowerTune have developed a unique range of tuning services which can deliver the very best in economy tuning. Our tuning services provide significant gains in fuel efficiency whilst improving the...

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Commercial & Fleet Tuning

Our van tuning service applies to small car vans to the largest panel vans, Lutons, tippers and plant including tractors, excavators and other farm and industrial machinery, generators and even marine engines.

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Recent Work

Of the 1000's of cars we have worked on at Powertune Scotland, the quality of service is paramount to Powertune's company values.

The following section lists just some of our many satisified customers whilst the gallery submenu on the left presents a sample of recent projects we have carried out.



" Thank you Joe for the superb service you provided from start to finish. I now have a very much improved Audi A6 which not only goes alot smoother but also has increased mpg. I'm particularly happy with 4th gear which just keeps on giving!! I would gladly recommend you to others and will definately be back for more.

Thanks again, Lisa Hynds"


" Thanks Joe and Power Tune Scotland. My Mondeo estate feels so much better to drive. The extra power makes an already great driving car even more fun; the extra torque makes it quicker yet more relaxing to use. It feels like a new car!. Fuel consumption has improved significantly aswell. That's what I call tuning!

Paul Murray"


" After days of searching the web trying to find out information about engine re mapping, I came across ‘PowerTune Scotland’. I gave them a call and Joe answered every question I asked in great depth. I was looking to re map my 120d Sport BMW (2005),163 bhp. PowerTune explained the full process and what to expect after the remap. I booked the car in and got the car remapped.

The results were extremely impressive, over 200 bhp and enough torque to pull a train. Big smiles all round, great job. If you have any doubts just ask and get it done, the performance of the car is superb, not only that the fuel consumption is at least 5% better returning 44mpg around town. Thanks again Joe, see you again soon no doubt.

Alan (Hamilton).


"I arrived at power-tune with my sluggish 1.4 tdci 67bhp Ford Fiesta. Joe asked me lots of questions about the vehicle so he could get the map finely tuned for my specific vehicle. Since having the work carried out my average mpg has increased around 5% and the power increase and torque has increased dramatically. 3rd, 4th and 5th gears now feels like it actually has some decent power behind it and it has also been showing up the boys in the 1.6 tdci's.

Most impressed with the car but most importantly PowerTune's customer service and professionalism! Thanks a lot, mine and my friends future cars will be heading your way"

Kieran Gallagher


"I had my 2003 316i (N42B18 1.8L Valvetronic) remapped by PowerTune.... 

I consider it the best money I've ever spent on my car!

Joe was informative, friendly, and made good coffee, also had some nice toys to poke at while Jayson did the work... I wouldn’t hesitate from having them both work on one of my cars in future. 

My only regret is that I didn’t get it done sooner. 

Almost MPG has improved by 10% (on the OBC), an added bonus."


PowerTune Scotland come very highly recommended. I had my Honda Civic CDTi remapped and all I can say is wow!

Performance wise its brilliant, pulls like a train all the way through every gear. Very nippy from a standing start, but even better on the motorway. Response in 4th and 5th gear is instant. 

Previous to remap I averaged around 300 miles per tank at 46/48 MPG. After remap I get 420 miles to a tank, at around 50/54 MPG depending how car is driven...

Best money I will probably spend on the car, and it will save me a few pounds in the long run as well.

A very satisfied customer."


"Just a few words to say thank you to Joe for tuning my 207GT 1.6hdi and transforming it from a good car to a very enjoyable fast machine.

The service received from entering the premises was very helpful and the waiting time minimal. Joe was very helpful in explaining the situation and what was to be done to the car and after the remapd he had a run in the car to see if all was OK then we both went for a test drive. The result was very pleasing.

Thanks once again and I already have recommended PowerTune to one of my collegues"

Robert Mclaren


"Just an update for you on our BMW 320d that you recently remapped for me.

One word - Fantastic.

In a little more detail though..

MPG on the motorway @ 80mph = 48 (up 8mpg)
MPG on country road+ town driving @ 60mph = 44 (up 4mpg)
MPG around town = 39 (up 4mpg)

Throttle response has improved and is razor sharp when in the turbo rev

Car is now blisteringly quick, and pulls really hard"


"I am absolutely delighted with the re-mapping carried out on my '02 Focus TDDi. 

'Does exactly as it says on the tin'.

Joe has released the chains from my Focus and has removed the only criticism I had of the car.

I have no reservations or hesitation in recommending a visit to Powertune Scotland. Although my main concern was with a flat spot around 2600rpm, this has now been rectified, with no detriment to economy or MPG.

Joe attended to me as soon as I arrived at Powertune and kept me informed of what was happening throughout the re-mapping process. Once the re-mapping had been completed I took the car for a 15 min test run and the difference was felt immediately. I have now used the car for over a week and wish I had found out about Powertune earlier.

Many thanks and I will certainly recommend your service whenever I can."

Mike Davidson


"Hi joe, I am delighted with the results of having my Toyota Celica 190 ecu re-mapped. I can confirm the throttle to be more responsive in all gears throughout the rev range. An example of this is when sitting at 35mph in 4th gear, pre ecu-remap the throttle was sluggish and required a drop down to 3rd while overtaking, post ecu-remap there is no need to drop a gear as 4th pulls much harder, even at lower rpm but especially from 3500 rpm and above. Similar results noted at 70mph in 6th gear

Power increase is very noticeable in power band rev range, particularly in 3rd and 4th gear. Pre ecu-remap the power was consistent throughout the power band, post ecu-remap the power increases as you drive through the band. The standard factory install kicked in at 6200 rpm and out at 8200 rpm, the remap has extended the band from around 6100 rpm up to 8400 rpm so the increase in power lasts for that bit longer. I haven't tried the power band in 5th and 6th gear yet, there's no need as 4th goes all the way to 121mph!

Some people argue it is not worthwhile having a naturally aspirated petrol engine remapped, I beg to differ and I now have the evidence to prove it."

Brian Devine


 "Just a quick email to thank you once again for the recent remap of my focus st, you were a wealth of knowledge which gave me lots of confidence in getting the car mapped. After covering 300 miles since the map I have really noticed a difference, the car pulls really well from low down in the rev range and just keeps going until the red line, much more responsive in every gear especially 6th gear pulls like a train, another thing is that on recent drive doing an average speed I was reading 39 mpg which was unheard of previously, so as you can imagine that put a smile on my face. I'm sure you will have more st’s getting mapped in the future, anyway I will pop in to say hello the next time I am up you're way..

Thanks again



"Just had my 325D Msport remapped by Joe @ Power Tune Scotland using a Viezu remap ! Heard good things bout Viezu remaps and Joe was nearest dealer ! Went with a work collegue whos on the bmw forum as well - both really happy with the job done! Would highly recommend Viezu remap and PowerTune Scotland for anyone in sunny Ecosse !"