Performance Tuning

Performance Tuning is essential for those drivers who feel there vehicle is a not living up to its potential. By increasing the power of your vehicle you are providing yourself with a car that is...

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Economy Tuning

PowerTune have developed a unique range of tuning services which can deliver the very best in economy tuning. Our tuning services provide significant gains in fuel efficiency whilst improving the...

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Commercial & Fleet Tuning

Our van tuning service applies to small car vans to the largest panel vans, Lutons, tippers and plant including tractors, excavators and other farm and industrial machinery, generators and even marine engines.

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Tuning Options

PowerTune are Scotland's leading vehicle tuning company, acessible from glasgow, edinburgh, aberdeen, inverness and surrounding areas. PowerTune’s products and services are the result of many years of research and development and we aim to offer an unrivalled product range and service.

PowerTune has a unique range of tuning upgrades and services for almost all modern vehicles, both petrol engines (including normally aspirated, turbo and supercharged engines) and turbo-diesels.

Our employees have a lifetime's worth of experience work on a wide range of vehicles, delivering the very best in customer service and results.

PowerTune can offer you a number of tuning solutions specially selected and developed to meet your personal requirements. 

PowerTune, where there’s no such thing as one size fits all !

The process

All re-mapping is done through either the diagnostic port called the OBD2 port and all new vehicles produced after 2001 will have one fitted. By connecting directly onto the ECU using our specialist software device, the standard configuration will be optimized and will produce healthy gains in all areas. This method means that the remap cannot be detected by a manufacturer/dealer, thus not validating the cars warranty.

All software is individually configured for your vehicle by reading the existing program and then optimizing the settings to produce the desired results.

Chip Tuning requires a different method to be used and this will involve removal of the cars ECU and the original Chip will be replaced by a New Chip with the optimized software written on to it. This method is generally used in cars produced before 2001 when OBD2 was introduced. PowerTune Scotland will keep the Chip in safe storage incase the client requires a return to standard configuration.

The original program or Chip can be re-loaded if you are selling your car and want it restored to the original program. A small charge of £30 will applied in this case.

7 Day Trial Period.

If you are unsatisfied with our software we will return your car to it’s original specification within the trial period and a full refund will be provided.